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Beatboxer & Aca-1st Tenor David Fowler Joins San Francisco’s Paradox Voice Band!

It may be HIS birthday (if a trifle belated), but WE got the present, and his name is David Fowler – “DFowl” for short! Okay, so... we had only asked the aca-gods for a beatboxer. That’s all. Just a beatboxer. Simple, right? But what we GOT was a triple threat: vocal-percussion perfectionist / aca-rranger whiz kid / 1st tenor rock star. And… we have no problem with that. :) Born and raised in northern California, and the eldest of three children, David won a high-school talent show

with a self-created a cappella group, and, BAYAM - an aca-nerd was born! After launching and growing his own popular YouTube channel, David attended UC Santa Barbara and became a member of BFOM, the men’s a cappella ensemble he helped to make the most prestigious, popular, and successful group on campus. What most people don’t know though is that he can quote entire episodes of “SpongeBob SquarePants” in character voices – and, yes, THAT is talent. He’s also fluent in American Sign Language, plus he juggles, which leaves us wondering, “What can’t David do?” Possessed of a childlike spirit, an old soul, and a razor-sharp wit, we’re betting he can do just about anything he likes, and we’ll be extremely excited to see that happen. Happiest Belated Birthday, DFowl, you Leo-Virgo-cuspy paradox, you! Thanks for joining us and welcome to Paradox Voice Band!

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