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Paradox Voice Band - Making Babies Dance Across America!

Our first superfan, baby Quinn D'Souza rocks out to PVB's recent mash-up, SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH SOMEBODY. Thanks to Quinn's mom, Jenni for sharing this with us. She's adorable, and to see her dancing to our music is super-cute and completely charming. Quinn and her entourage are hereby granted automatic VIP upgrades to every one of our performances forever. :)

- Fritz Lambandrake, PVB Managing Director

To book, or audition for, Paradox, simply call 415.385.5055, write, or register on our website:

PVB Bandmates: Tom Ostrander ("Shut Up" soloist), Fritz Lambandrake ("Raise Your Glass" soloist), David Fowler, Robyn Lundin, Sandi Shorago,

Derick Dozier, Matt Lin.

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