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"THANK YOU for being so wonderful and open to our client's challenges and changes.   I truly appreciate your flexibility and grace."  


- Claire O. - Entertainment Booking Agent, San Francisco Bay Area

"The top-notch artistry of your concert was unmistakable.  You took us on a fantastic journey, moved us with your fresh, beautiful song, and thoroughly entertained the crowd from beginning to end.   The clever moments of unexpected humor delighted the audience and boosted the entire experience to such a high level.  Paradox Voice Band is so more than just an a cappella group of mere singers; you're a warmly engaging band of true, professional, big-hearted entertainers who love sharing what they love."  

- Miranda T., San Francisco

"I've never heard music like that, except on TV, and not very often at that."


- Robert D., San Francisco

"Your performance was so authentic, vulnerable, and real - it was like a peek behind the scenes.  We feel like we know you, who you really are.  We loved every minute of it."  


- Dr. Jay. L., San Francisco

"A contempory a cappella pop band with a dedicated rapper?  Wow.  Impressive!  Everyone in your group had something so unique to offer, and yet you somehow managed to deliver one cohesive sound, a truly distinctive sound all your own."


- Julie N., Santa Rosa, CA

"Totally worth the price of admission and then some!  Where and when may I buy your music?"

- Maxwell S., San Mateo, CA

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